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Interview with AMINU SALIHU

What drew you to submit to RED SKIES?

I happened to follow a lot of literary magazines on Twitter, one of them retweeted your call for submission for the Red Skies anthology, I went through the link, and having read the content said "whoa, this should be wonderful, you should be a part of this," and boom, I found myself sending a mail with my work attached

How has your writing process evolved over time? Do you have a particular routine that you follow, or a preferred workspace?

Gradually I must say. I wouldn't say I have a routine, or a preferred workspace. I write whenever ideas flood my brain - morning, afternoon, night, anytime. I might procrastinate a bit, but whatever idea that pops into my head must surely be typed into a word document. For editing however, I do that whenever my head is clear of any worries or thoughts, and that mostly happens early in the mornings.

What writers and artists inspire you currently?

I am particularly fond of African literature, and feel very inspired by the works of one of the greatest writers in the world, Chinua Achebe. Ngugi Was Thion'go's works speak a lot of meaningful words to me, and so does Camara Laye's works. Abubakar Gimba's and Cyprian Ekwensi's short stories are my chief inspirations for short fiction writing. For Artist, I have no other choice than to include Aliuane Damala (popularly known as Akon), for he is a true African and a very humble being. My late Father isn't really a writer, but he has edited many works for many, and he happens to be my number one inspiration in anything I do in life.

If you could have a meal with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? And, what meal would you share?

Smiles... This is a tough one. I'd love to have a meal with a lot of people, and considering the fact that I love foods, I would also like to share different meals. However, I will love to have "a last supper" with my late Father. He loved rice, and so a deliciously cooked rice would be my meal of choice.

Is community important to your work? Are there any small presses or magazines that you feel especially fond of?

Indeed, it is. A lit mag called Artmosterrific was the second to have published my works. It is a newly born magazine, and I feel really attached to it because my work happened to be in their first issue. I am also fond of The Kalaharireview and Melbourne Culture Center.

Are you working on any projects?

Yes, a lot. Aside from a number of short fictions that I am currently putting final touches to, I am working on my debut novel, which I hope to complete by the end of this year. I am working on some poems too.

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